OT Indoor Rock Climbing

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Jul 31, 2006
Warrenton, VA
I was wondering if anyone in here is into indoor rock climbing. Seeing as how my truck and fab tools are still in VA I need to find a new hobby. Climbing looks fun but it looks like I need a partner to do anything but the low bouldering stuff. I'm fine with just bouldering since I'm a newb but thought it would be more fun with a second person. Metrorock is just up theroad from me in Everett so I'm thinking about going there. Thanks, Ryan
i rock climb but am prolly a bit far to make it worth while plus my leash is short these days, going kite boarding in Hatteras for a week in June so I have to build up my at home time :(

But I am not sure what sort of rock gyms you have north of Boston but one of the best on the East coast is just outside of New Bedford MA. Carabiner's Indoor Climbing, New Bedford, MA amazing place why they decided to build it there I don't know but amazing place. ther eis also RI rock gym in Pawtucket RI and for boldering it is worth it to come down to check out Lincoln woods. great bolders there.

don't really need much to get started. if you plan to do any outside boldering I recommend a chalk bag and a landing pad. I usually see stuff for sale on steepand cheap.com or backcountry.com and a set of climbing shoes and a harness at some point.

fun sport you can do it by yourself but it is more fun with a partner. check out the boards for hooking up with people
good luck
metro rock is a cool place i have bee there a feww times with N8 hit me up if you want to meet up some time...i need to get back in shape rock climbing is awesome for that
maybe its time for a yota head get to geather at the rock jym:idea:
I just got back from Bouldering for the first time. Man, that was fun. I think I'm going to pay for it tomorrow though. I have a feeling this is going to be my new hobby/ excercise time. My Fiance and I are looking at going to Machu Pichu for the honeymoon so I need to get into shape. Let me know when you guys want to go.
funny I was just telling Hypoid that we should be goin to metro rock. Lets definitely go some time the lot of us. Itd be nice to make it a regular thing too. Ive given up rope climbing, but like you said even bouldering is a lot more fun when you can chat with your pals.

I'm in CT, but am down for a YT climbing session!

Jason- we gotta meet up some time at the woods! I love that place! boulderers heaven. Kristyn and I usually head up that way a few times a month, would love to meet up with ya!
x2 on lovin lincoln woods. that place rocks. For a good while i was drivin down there every other week.

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