Orion HD shifting issues...

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Jan 22, 2004
I have a brand new Orion HD #50. I have it behind a built 700r4. I started the truck, ran it around the yard a couple of times, on the trailer to the exhaust shop and back, back into the garage and parked it. I tried to shift the high to low lever and it would not move. Put enough pressure on the lever and was afraid to break something. Called AA, they said to use a cresent wrench to break it loose. I used a 16" slip joint plier on the block ontop of the transfer. I REEFED ON IT VERY VERY HARD and it poped out. It now shifts on the hard side. AA says to run it. Has anyone had this happen?
I figured this would get more attention being out here on the main page of the tech section than being buried in an Orion Serial Number thread.

Who did you purchase this from? Who assembled this transfer case?

If I were going to attack this, I would tip/lower the transmission/transfer case assembly down so that I could access the top cover of the Orion, remove the top cover of the transfer case, and look at what is going on with the range selection detent fork/spring/ball assembly.

You have PM.
anyone have this happen?

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