Origins of 1F motor (I6 Ford?)

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Sep 29, 2007
I know this is a bit of an odd post, but I recall reading once (?) that the original FJ40 motor is based on the Ford I6? Can anyone shed any light on that? I think I even heard they even have the same bolt pattern? (No I ain't smokin crack either ;)). Reason being, I have a good 3F and a line on a bargain 69 Bronco without a motor and would like to know if the motor is a candidate for this swap? Adapter maybe? How could I make this work?
ah yeah... that's it. So, probably not worth trying to since "easy" just went out the window. Best look for a motor for the bronco or a body for the 3f.
You could adapt the 3F to a nv4500... And you'd have on mutated bronco... A 300 l6 would be easier though.

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