Original Window Sticker

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Jul 30, 2008
Does anyone have a pic of or prefer scan of original window sticker of a 1988 fj62 thanks:bounce:
i think ive seen one posted. search might get it
I have mine for my 87 60 :grinpimp: The EPA estimated that my truck would get worse mileage in 87 than I'm getting now.
I think i have one at the house in a stack of paperwork from the PO. I'll check for you.
I have one in my glove box. I'll get a pic or scan it tomorrow morning man.
Not an 88 but if the options are the same this one could be easily altered to read 88.
I have the one from my '88 FJ62, not sure where but should be able to find it if nobody comes through.
Sorry it took a while but here it is:
FJ62 Window Sticker 001.jpg
I wonder if Toyota microfiched these and can be bought from them. Hmm...:hmm:

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