original FST color, a way to tell what color canvas top was stock?

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Apr 21, 2009
portland or
Is there a way to tell what color canvas top your vehicle originally came with?

here is the vehicle:

black? white? OD green?

Might order an OD green one, but i do not want to regret it down the road.

input / opinions ?


this is the top style i am ordering, this is OD green:

paktops OD greenHello
agree with the color choice. stick with it.....i would keep that patina as well though :)
I think the OD would look great with the patina'd red or a fresh repaint red. OD not as good if you go blue ( just my opinion). Black goes with any color choice.

Great looking truck! Can't wait to see it with a Paki-Top.
oh, and southbostonfj has these in stock last I heard. Give him a ring if you havent found a supplier. Ben
^ I thought thats who he was going through at paktops...?....

I don't know about the patina....reminds me too much of the hoodride vw's but thats a different, sad story....

I guess if you're going to leave it pretty much as is I'd go with black or OD.....black because it goes with anything, OD because it compliments the red....
my mistake...didnt know they were the same person/ company. Just spoke with him via email a couple of weeks ago...all new to me.
I believe midyear 64 and all 65 were the start of the vinyl tops that came in white...but...i bet your was od green canvas...thats what they were here in usa all years up to that 64 mid year.

you can check on your door...under the door weatherstripping channel should be some fabric left behind....or...on the roll channel that is held on by the 9-10 bent tabs behind the door handle

BTW your top should be a 3 window with the sides and rear removable
very cool :)

I looked and the straps for the door are OD green :)

Damn, I do not think paktop sells 3 window tops, just 5 and 7 window...


Ehsan can make you a 3 window...but...i have never seen him make one with removable sides and rear window like randy's top...he has made some similar...the only place that made a top like that is Highlandcruizer and Travis...they should be starting up soon if not already...you may want to PM him or email or both :)
Yep un bolt the hinges look in the channels too finde some scrap of fabric and look under the dash for your paint color that might help too
So whatsup with Highlandcruizer? Last I heard it was the first few weeks of May for production startup....which is now? I saw those and they are some kinda sweet. Hope they are still on the ball with those tops.
OD Green, That would be sweet on a Red Body !

yeah i am thinking OD green. :)

Damn i might have to go the 5 window route as it seems that the 3 window are not really available.
Unless Ehsan could make one.

But he has been pretty busy.
Emailed him a few times about tops and hubcaps, I think he is swamped.

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