Original fan clutch worth reusing?

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Oct 7, 2004
S. Texas
About 6 years ago I replaced my fan clutch with a Hayden model from some auto parts store. Lately the ac has been not consistently cooling. I had purchased some 7000 cst fluid to redo the original fan clutch. I'm not sure if my original fan clutch is one worth re-using so I have attached a picture. If so is 7000 cst fluid thick enough for S. Texas. Also I only have one 50 ml bottle, will this be enough? I have a ultra gauge, and engine temps are about 190. Mileage is at 203000. Thanks, Nelson
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Lots of threads on this; do a search in the 80 forum; fan+clutch+mod, or fan+clutch+silicone+fluid.
I have read most of them but was not sure if this model clutch was one worth re-using. I know there is a pic of three different models but could not find it. Nelson
What color is the base of it? Sure can't hurt to try. But I would use 10k+

A spare is always handy for you or someone.
I agree with retrofive....go to a higher weight oil. Personally I would start with 15K. But certainly research it first.
Added pic of the base if that helps. I'll go to my hobby shop and see what he has available. Nelson
It appears to be an Eaton clutch, the Mud experts say they're a good design. My truck came with an Eaton also, the base wasn't painted, just bare metal.
drnls...what color is the other side of the fan clutch hub?
Looks like the eaton on my LC. I'm planning on picking up some 15000csk and trying out the rebuild. Like you, mine hasn't been engaging much and since its at 261k now, it's well past due.
Kernal is correct. The clutch is a eaton clutch. You can tell since it has the torx screws.

I would use 15k-25k fluid in there. Sellers on eBay has it for under $9 shipped. Do t waste your time with 7k fluid in there. I have modded several of those Eatons with a marginal increase. However that's just my opinion.
Thanks for the help. Any idea how much fluid I will need? Thanks, Nelson

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