Original A/C value for 79 FJ40?

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Jul 5, 2003
Cookeville, TN
I'm doing a body off resto on my 1979 FJ40 and I have come across an original air conditioning unit, I think. It's a black plastic unit that's kinda bulky and the exit vents (only two)are small. The word Nipendenso (spelling?) is stamped in several places. I am told that the 79 is different. I am a stickler for detail and this truck will only have original type equipment installed. Anyway can some one help me decide what to offer? I have no idea what it's worth and don't want to miss out if it's rare.
if its all there then $500+. I believe the air duct on a AC 40 is different so you will want that(as you CANT get em anymore). Also think the battery tray is different. Rad is also different(but your prolly will work) YOu would want the controller, compressor and anything else that came of the AC 40.

Rick D.....he would be da man with da correct info for sure.

John H
With enough customizing, the rad will work.

The engine mount bracket on the front pass side is also different, as is the lower hose from the water pump to the rad.

There are a lot of "little things" that if you are missing, you would probably need to purchase a whole truck and part it out, in order to get those "litttle pieces"...

Good luck!


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