original 72' soft top work on a 78'?

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Mar 20, 2006
elkcreek canyon colorado
found a new (never used) soft top off a 72' wanting to install it on my 78' will it work? do you have to drill snaps in the body? any pics of what these look like? it missing directions and i dont know how they go togather:eek:

How it installs depends on what type of top it is. Post pictures or look for the label.
OEM or aftermarket top?

If aftermarket it is probably a Bestop or STC top that could have been bought at anytime and installation instructions can be found at Bestops site or from STC (Specialty Top Company).

Whether you have to drill holes to install snaps depends on the soft top - The Bestop Tigertop uses snaps. The Bestop Supertop and STC Fastrac top use a rail system.

Edit: I just said basically what Pin Head said only in 100x as many words, didn't I? :doh:
you'll need a tailgate, or tailgate panel.
You can sell it to me and not have to worry about it. :D

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