Organizing Camping Trip

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Oct 12, 2005
Hey all,

here is the low down on food:

I am going to do some food shopping Thursday/Friday. If you want in, please let me know. this will be for:

Sat. Lunch
Sat. Dinner
Sun. Breakfast
Sun Lunch??? (i have a feeling most will be driving home in morning.)

i am planning on Whole roasted chickens Sat night with corn on cob, or baked potatoes.

lunches will be sandwiches, make your own. cold cuts, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, etc...

breakfast, Yogurt, cereal (granola type), fruit :banana: .

:bounce2: EVERYONE IS TO BRING THEIR OWN PLATE, CUP, MUG, SILVERWARE, BOWL AND BYOB. bring your own tent, bedding, etc... of course.

So far I have 8 people signed up for food:

Bob B.
John Smith
Joel Wife

OTHER STUFF:bounce2: :
Felix is bringing
Water jug 5 gal for washing etc...
coffee and press
Salt and pepper

Bob is bringing
Ministove (one burner)
2 coleman lights
1 canopy
1 saw
1 showerpac

LET me know if you are bringing other things... another canopy would be good for rain.

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Mmmmmmman that sounds good. I'll be in next time. Between Sebastion and John, we could cater campouts. Few cook like you guys. This organizing gear is a great idea. I'm looking forward to meeting a couple of names I haven't met yet.
Is there any interest in doing hot food on Sunday morning? I could do a potato/sausage/bacon/egg/cheese thing tossed in a foil wrap on the fire.

Just checking. I dig yogurt and granola, too.

Well, i am up for eggs and bacon, but i just don't want to get stuck will all the cooking. If people help out, lets do it! nothing like a good breakfast to stick to your ribs type thing...

Anyone else? any objections? i can buy yogurt too just in case.

Cool, so I should plan to feed 7 people on Sunday morning?

FOR ALL MEALS. we might need a camping stove then.
I was just taking the number from your list at the top of this thread. We can boil water with Bob's mini stove. I can do my planned breakfast thing in the campfire. So, I'd say our need for a larger camp stove depends on your plans for dinner.

Looks like a little organization can be a good thing! I'm bringing both of my single burner stoves if that helps.
FELIX, IF you can do eggs on fire, no prob. i have never done it... that is why i suggested the stove. I will let you spearhead, just let me know what i need to buy?

might not do the eggs, but I'll see. I was thinking foil packets with sliced taters, chucked sausage, onions, cheese, and maybe some eggs if I can figure out how.
Bob, can you put a big pan on your little stove? if we make eggs for all, we will need a pretty big pan.

Look up something online. there might be something. the only prob. with potatoes, is they cook longer than eggs. so you might end up with burnt eggs,and raw potatoes.... :)

Give me call later and we can figure out.
Ahh, but not if you slice the potatoes thin and add the egg towards the end. ;)

Edit: we certainly are getting down in the weeds with this organization thing, huh?
i am down with that. obviously, we are dealing with a culinary expert ;p .

I will pick up some heavy ass foil then on top of eggs and what not.

wait, so you're buying the eggs and stuff? I figured that I'd buy and bring stuff that I was going to use on Sunday morning and you buy and bring stuff for Sat night.
We can do that. it will make my load a little lighter. however, i need to give you the count of people. i will have a better idea tonight. i am keeping count on the first email of this thread.
I've used an 11 - 12" fry pan on my stoves, but that only feeds 3 - 4 people. Might have to cook in batches.

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