Oregon Desert Dwellers: Seen This Before?

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Aug 17, 2004
Humboldt Nation
Posted this before but no definative answer.:bang:
Saw these out Lake Abert way years ago. No one seems to know what they are or what happened. Didn't think it got that hot out there.:hmm:
What say ye?

p.s. those are not the same group of pipes. same lake and shore line area though


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Venting gas from underground?? It's just a bunch of leech lines bundled together. ??? Strange for sure.:confused: Maybe someone tossed a butt too close to the melted one?:meh:
thought of fire but they don't look scorched. :hmm:
Somebody knows what they are- Russ- your job is to find out! inquiring minds(and mine) want to know! :confused:
just in from the Lakeview, OR BLM:

Those are originally used for flood irrigation, however the reason they are/were used there is for mining claims. The mining claims that were filed there were never followed through on and the markers should have been picked up. Could you tell me the general area you found them in and I will have someone get them?
The reasons some are melted is that a few years back we had a fire in that area."

so...there you go.:meh:
Ah so..! Mystery solved. I feel better. :cheers:

Good Job!:clap:

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