Ordered Up...Just Waitin Now

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Feb 6, 2006
Well, I went through the whole ordering process, money down and such. Kinda nice because there is no additional acqui fees. Said it should be here by March-ish. Dumping the ole 4runner to get ugly. I had Z3 and a reissue mini when they came out, I just love driving the ugliest things on the road (Z3 was just different not really ugly).

First post,
I think you need a MUD salute.:flipoff2:

be sure to tell us how u like it, etc.

Yeah please embellish on what you bought, options and the like and if you don't mind, what was the walk out the door price? You don't have to post that if you don't want to but I am curious because I went to a local dealer in South Flrida and they were saying 28K+/- but I just saw another post about Gray Rock with links to pricing and I am seeing 21-24K so what is the real truth...

Anyhow congrats for now!
Options and Price

Everything I Got was at list price with only real extra cost is freight ...like 600 or 700 other wise, i think everything was around 28 with the following: package 1, side airbags, roof rack and running boards. We may add the lights on top too, not sure yet. Its 4x4 auto and blue. My dealer has 2 more coming in mid march also ...one in Yellow same as mine, and one other one thats a 5 speed.
very cool thx for the info, we are getting little or no info on delivery here yet.
keep us posted!

As soon as you can(after delivery) post up info on ride, power, quality of finish etc. Also pics are always nice. Thanks, John

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