SOLD Orange, CA. 2011 Land Cruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 200 Series
Outside Link

68,020 miles.

I'm selling my 2011 Cruiser, Silver with gray interior. I bought it with about 58,000 miles about 2 years ago.
We just picked up a 21' so this one has to go.
No issues, no stories. everything works as it should.
Only selling to help offset the purchase of the new one.
I am the second owner. All services on time, on the Carfax before my ownership. Since I bought it, I have serviced it myself.

This was our road trip/dirt road vehicle, I have other Cruiser's for harder trail duty

OEM Toyota strut spacer in front, OME 10mm spacer in the rear
Just a little higher than stock, about 3/4''
1.25'' BORA wheel spacers on all 4 corners, to bring the wheels out a little more flush with the wheel wells.
Also, the wheels are off of a 2018 I think. With newer tires, 2020.
BAMA muffler, sounds great, not too loud, just enough to know you have a V8.
No drone at any speed.

Things to point out -
There is a scratch/mark on the drivers door handle. I don't know what it is, but it won't come off.
The rear bumper cover is decently scratched. I backed into a dirt mound turning around on a trail.
Some misc scratches from daily use here and there, nothing really to note.
No trail pinstripes.

It was originally from the Bay Area, then to me here in So. Cal.

Here's a Google drive with A ton of photos.

2011 Land Cruiser - Google Drive -

Feel free to reach out with any questions.
PM me with your number, and I'll call you back.



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