For Sale (OR) HEI distributor 2f (new) $190

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Feb 16, 2009
Oregon City, Oregon
United States
In my excitement I ordered one too many HEIs. This one has not been tampered with just opened and inspected. I've compared it side by side with my 83 FJ60's distributor to make sure they match and see no problems. I've included the directions from Man-e-Fre for installation (pretty easy, just got done with mine). This distributor IS NOT a Man-e-Fre distributor but instead is a GM HEI. I've compared it with a Man-e-Fre, consequently the one I installed, and it's nearly identical. I'm asking $165 for the distributor and $25 for shipping. It'd be just $165 if you want to pick it up. I can include used wires if you like. Look at pics of the unit and also of a side by side comparison with the 2fs stock distributor
ipod 5-22-2011 113.jpg
ipod 5-22-2011 118.jpg
ipod 5-22-2011 111.jpg

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