For Sale OR: FJ60,3link, doubler, big block, much more...

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Unfortunately, life has a funny way of reminding you that you things can change in a hurry. Circumstances in my life have changed and I am in the need to sell my beloved cruiser. I have put countless hours and money into this unique wheeler only to never get it out on the trail. Here is most of the components on it:

front axle

dana 60 $1,000.00
superior 35 spline outers $500.00
bobby long u joints $340.00
ten factory inners $500.00
great lakes offroad diff cover $110.00
Arb $700.00
4.88s $-
Greaseable External Drive Flanges $100.00
braided extended brake lines $-
1410 yoke $100.00

Rear Axle

Dana 70 $200.00
Detroit locker $475.00
Great Lakes offroad Diff cover $110.00
braided extended brake lines $-
1410 yoke $110.00


Rebuilt th-400 $500.00
NWF doubler $650.00
203/205 clocked nearly flat $250.00
TMR rear support mount $100.00
High Angle Flanged Drive lines $1,500.00
Art Carr Shifter $225.00
Offroad design shift rails $100.00
NWF triple stick kit $350.00


2 5/8th" .500 DOM lower links $200.00
1/4 square upper $-
Ballistic Fab 3.0 joints/bushed $300.00
14" FOA triple Rate coilovers (Front) with springs $1,200.00
63" Chevy rears with pro-comp add a leafs $200.00
14" FOA shocks that can be used as coilovers in the future
Misc Ballistic Fab brackets $-

Engine/fuel--- Comp cam desktop dyno has it right about 475hp/525ft lbs

Chevy Big Block 454/recent rings/hone/etc
bored .30 over $2,500.00
decked block .
compression ~ 9.5/1
049 heads that have been shaved and pocket ported
2.19 1.88 stainless valves
Edlebrock performer 2 machined and ported to fit block $180.00
Speedway ceramic headers $150.00
MSD HEI distributor/plug wires $150.00
Comp cams 4x4 262 cam kit
Comp cam Roller tip rockers $100.00
Powerjection 3 tunable fuel injection $1,750.00
Summit street and strip muffler $40.00
20 gallon Summit fuel cell $249.00
1 litre surge tank $90.00
Holley Red lift pump $100.00
Professional Products "blue" fuel injection pump $-
Braided fuel lines $-

Glowshift Guages

Oil pressure $50.00
Tranny temp $50.00
Fuel $50.00
RPM $50.00
Water Temp $50.00
Volt meter $50.00
Vacuum $50.00


DOM crossember for doubler
DOM Shock hoops
HREW Front seat mount/shifter console
HREW Fuel Cell/shock hoop
Dakota Digtal Fan Controller $120.00
Taruas Cooling fan $50.00


Hydroboost unit ported by Vanco $450.00
PSC steering resevoir $194.00
PSC steering cooler $75.00
POS steering Ram (full hydro steering) $275.00
POS Orbital $450.00
mostly braided lines
PSC power steering pump $190.00
tranny cooler $150.00


Re-centered H1 rims $750.00
42" pitbull Rockers $1,900.00

Total $20,083.00

this total does not include shipping, labor, blood, sweat or tears... I've also left out things like the hundreds of dollars in fittings, hardware, wire, etc.

I also know that I'll never recover the cost of this build so I am trying to be realistic on my price. I am VERY VERY open to trades but the trade needs to be a vehicle that is oriented to Daily Driving duties... it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LANDCRUISER or even a 4x4.

My price is $ 18,500 obo.










Many many more pictures available on request.

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it needs:

-a rear traction bar
-The wheel wells need to be finished with some sheetmetal for a better look
-Sliders need to be redone
-Tuning isnt bad but it isnt great either... there is bunch of hp still on the table.
-Cat if you intend on driving on the street with her. She'd make a great grocery getter but I would look elsewhere for a DD unless you only live a few miles from work.
If you can, don't sell it. I sold my 55 that I spent 3.5 years putting together a unique capable rig and I regret it all the time.

Your 55 was darn clean... loved that rig.

Things are looking up for me. There is a really good chance I am going to be able to keep it but for now I need to leave in on the market.
Beautiful ride - what a deal....
Incredible rig, I hope that one day mine will be built in a similar manner!!! Good luck!!
My goodness!!!!!!!!!

Sweet truck.....hope it all works out for ya!

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