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Mar 1, 2002
I'm thinking of putting an Optima Red Top (original red top) in my wife's '97 FZJ80. The Optima is so much smaller than the original battery, I was wondering about its performance in an 80 and if there are adapters to install the smaller battery? Any advice is appreciated.
Performance is great, although the Panasonic that came with mine is still my all time favorite battery. Fitment is an issue with highth only. A spacer should come with the battery that solves that problem. Width doesn't matter with the 80s hold down system. It als leaves with plenty of space to put a cool extra fuse box or isolator in the stock battery box.
I used the red top without the spacer. If you put a nut just under the standard tightining nut you won’t have any worries. I can post a pic if you need it.

As far as performance goes it's pretty hard to beat an optima.
I have one...spacer too, works great.
Mine is about 8 months old, no complaints. I have done the "dome light" check all nite and she started right up in the am :doh:
I can leave my dome light on for about 6 weeks with my LEDs :D
I'm using the blue top marine starter/deep cycle battery. Nice thing about the deep cycle is, you can run the stereo a long time w/o worrying about battery damage from excessive drain like w/ a normal starter battery. Those Odyssey batteries look pretty nice.
I have an Odyssey 1700 which I must say is bionic, but also cost well over $200. For my 24V BJ I'll be using two 925's in one tray after a few other upgrades.
Optimas suck. I will never buy another one.

I just shorted out my 2nd batt (blue top) and I've heard of this happening too many times.

Hey Optima....
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I have an Odyssey 1700 which I must say is bionic, but also cost well over $200. For my 24V BJ I'll be using two 925's in one tray after a few other upgrades.

why not 2x 1200mjt's? I know the 935's will fit without mods, but if you just make the tray a bit bigger you can use the 1200's, can't be much different than a fj40.
you probely saw my post but in case you missed it;action=display;threadid=6148

also by far the best price on Odyssey's is
$198+ shiping for the 1700

John H

I have had good luck with the Red Tops, but not the Yellow Tops. I would look at the Excide Orbitals, I have one in my fj60, $109 for the Orbital Extreme, they have better side posts, don't have the charger issues the Optima's have, cost less and can't be worse than a Yellow Top!

or the Odyssey's

John H
Landpimp- what are the charging issues with the Optimas?
I have dual yellow tops and love em. For a spacer, just get a piece of plywood, cut it to fit in the battery tray, then cut another identical sized piece, glue them together and wrap them in duck tape. Then use some liquid nails to glue the spacer to the tray - a perfect fit.
I have had two yellow tops fail which I attribute to being in a two battery system with a regular battery (not a deep cycle).

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