Opinions wanted!  15x10's w/ 3.625" backspacing

May 19, 2003
I've read that with aluminum wheels the minimum backspacing should be 3.25 because aluminum wheels can be thicker. The eagle 589's are the ones she wants, but they only come in 3.625" BS. Anyone run these w/ 33x12.5's? I'm concerned about caliper rubbing. I know I can grind them a bit, but I'd prefer not to!

She has 3" of lift and doesnt do major wheeling yet, so fender rubbing isnt an immediate issue.

Thanks folks,
ryan :)
Jan 31, 2003
Re: Opinions wanted!  15x10's w/ 3.625" backspacin

That is the exact wheel, backspacing, size that I run on my '78 fj40. I run 35 x 12.50 Pro Comps. Use a 1/4" spacer, like the one BTB Products in Nevada sells. Still plenty of threads for the nuts.

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