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Jun 13, 2003
Looking for some thoughts on the value of a tub. What would you consider a fair price?
Price #1:
72 FJ 40 tub. Not 100% rust free but 90%. A few small rust holes all patchable, Good sill and floors, no major dents just a few dings. RR channel is solid. SUrface rust on parts of underside but a wire brush will fix it up. No panel replacement.
Price #2:
Same tub as above but all body work done. Primed and undercoated. Ready for quick surface sand and topcoat in colour of choice.

This is just for the tub. No doors, swing out doors, no WS frame, no running boards etc...
i'd say about $300 for the first tub

second tub, how was the body work done? was the rust cut out and new metal welded in, or was it just cleaned up and fiberglassed? if new metal i'd say $900-1000. if just fiberglassed $300-400

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