Opinions on this 71?

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Definitely not a $9K rig. It appears to be in good shape, but the photos make me wonder. I'm a photographer myself, and these photos are too stylized to really paint an accurate picture. They're the kind of pictures I'd post when trying to show off the best of the rig, but hide the worst.

That being said. There is some obvious body damage to the DS fender and the rear quarter. Lots of paint problems. No mention of how the vehicle runs. Be very careful. Test drive it, check it out carefully (or have a good mechanic of your choosing check it out) and do your research.

I'd say this is a $3500 - $5000 rig in most areas. You'll always have those who brag about getting the barn-kept low mileage cruiser for $1500, but they're few and far between. Check out craigslist for your state and the surrounding states to see what else is available and what people are asking.

Good luck.
Can't tell until you drive it. If it drives REALLY well...REALLY well then I might offer 4.5K.

The dude needs to flip the bezel if he wants to improve the value of the truck. :rolleyes:
Looks to be a FST. I agree _ I could take pics of my 40 that could add 2-3K but would really be a dissapointment in person.
That being said it looks like 5.5K but is probably really a 3-4K.

Driving it will tell tons.
pretty sure it should have the lower swing out doors with that year of hardtop instead of a drop down gate.

Looks like an aftermarket roll bar too. It is a nice rig but with the damage on the body I don't think it is a 9k rig. For that much I would want a complete stocker or something really modified like Orangefj45's 40 that he was selling. Just my .02
Looks like a lot of poorly repaired rot in rear sill and rocker panel areas. you can see the rust bubbling back thru the paint in the photo of the back up light. I wouldn't buy a truck from someone who does half-assed repairs then covers them up with shiny paint, and who cannot even get his windshield wipers to park properly.
I'd also be concerned about the need to carry 10 qts. of oil and 2 gal. of antifreeze in the cruiser?
I would think around $3,500.00 to $ 4,500.00. If it runs good and there's no rust.

If you click on the pic you get 19 more. It's odd to me that in pic 3&4 the front end are in 100% sun light and 5&6 the rear end are in shade.
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How much rust is under the bondo?

The undercarriage looks rusty as does the air cleaner. Many of the areas don't show the spotwelds along the sides. I've seen a lot of trucks with a pail of bondo on them. They'll look really nice at fist till the paint starts falling off. Be cautious and look for rust in the frame around the rear spring mounts.

It doesn't look like a 9k truck in my books. It looks like a 3k truck with a 1k paint job. So much depends on what has been done to it and things the pictures don't show.

Worth a little more maybe?

I'm not so sure it's only a 5K rig? Wheels and tires are 2k and the seats and interior look in good shape--- didn't need to make them all shiny heck they have covers and foam intact!

Also, considering all the bits and pieces of trim are intact and pretty much original and it's a pretty decent looking rig minus the body work, the rust looks minor to me.

If I were to negotiate I'd ask him to keep the wheels and tires and put on my own steel rims and start from there.

my own rig is adding up as I bought tires, paint, needs seats, trim pieces, a soft top, a lift, and so on. I'd have been better of if it had been more complete to begin with, I'd probably go 7 or 8 and smile that I didn't have to chase down a bunch of parts! Of course that depends on it being otherwise pretty sound mechanically

Someone took some nice shots of it but a little artsy just for a sale
Thanks for the feedback

I too would want the wheels back to stock. The lift seems a bit extreme; will stock wheels/tires look the way they should? The dual exhaust back to stock would also be nice from my perspective. The seats do look good in the photos. I was a bit worried about the cool photography also. A think a nice touch would have been to include some close-up shots of the dented fenders and other problem areas, which would seem a bit less deceptive. I thought the bubble rust was maybe just left unrepaired when the paint job was done - not so much a cover up of a poor repair? Would walking around the body with a magnet clear up “Bondo” questions? The comment about the lower tailgate worries me a bit – might the hard top have come along later in the vehicle’s life? The current owner says mileage is around 90,000. Could that mean 190,000 (my 80 pickup has 230)? Guess I’ll try to setup a test drive but I may ask (first) if he’s willing to come down around 5k. Also says he has a spare engine, which kind of worries me (like the box of oil/fluids in the back). bsmith123 – are you saying that with $2000 in wheels/tires the truck itself is only worth 3-4?
BTY – thanks to all for the feedback. I still can’t believe how helpful and involved everyone is on this site.
Go drive it. That way you will find out for sure. If you are too far away find a Mudder that is close. I am always amazed at the number of people who will buy from pics. One thing going for it is that it IS a complete truck. Whether the doors match or the top is really from that truck means a lot to some and:meh: to others. I am sticking with my $4500. if it runs well....Final answer. Have fun! :beer:

If you buy it, let us know.

Hi Again,

I just meant giving back the wheels and tires is a good way to knock a chunk off the price. Judging from the rust underneath and in the engine area it looks pretty solid.

In fact only you can decide but this may help imagine this rig without the shiny paint---what would you pay for it then? I think you'd have a mostly original good working rig.

Check out the how to buy a cruiser post in the FAQ.

here's my WAG at price ranges from what I have seen on line disregarding the lucky deals somebody else would get!

<1k basket case or parts-barely saveable
2-3k Restoration project, possibly running and possibly good body or both maybe not fully complete
4-7k Good working rigs some stock some highly modified not perfect but higher end looks really good
8-10K Restored by owner or in really good original shape with majority of trim in good shape
15k-30k Restored to a professional level usually as a commercial enterprise but sometimes by owners

I am not the expert though just what I've seen to the best of my recollection

Good Luck

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