Opinions on interior floor coatings

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Aug 30, 2015
The interior in my FJ62 is slowing coming around to being somewhat decent. I bought the truck with the original brown interior. I am slowly converting it to grey/black, piece by piece. Just recently installed a nice set of E90 black BMW seats in the front. Unfortunately, the previous owners ripped out the carpeting and rattle-canned the floor pans brown, and its got to go. :vomit: I will eventually be installing carpet with sound deadening materials, etc, but until I get the funds, and until carpet works its way up my long priority list, what can I cover up this brown with? I am looking for something in a black or charcoal matte finish that will protect the floors, is somewhat durable (we have dogs as our passengers most times) & decent looking that we can throw down some rubber floor mats on and ride until the carpet comes.

Whichever route I go, I will have to pull what little interior is in the truck and wire wheel it down a bit. Lots of carpet fuzzies still clinging on. That said...

Here are a few options Ive been throwing around:

Trunk Spatter Paint w/ matte clear coat - Something like this.(http://www.chevelles.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=44802&d=1315432326)

Duplicolor Bed Armor (aerosol bed liner) - No experience with this. Will have to buy a can to test.

Or I could go full out and spray Herculiner throughout the interior. Ive never done this, but ive seen what seems to be some great success with interiors and this product. (http://www.4x4xplor.com/images/herculiner/herc08.jpg)
This is surely the most expensive route, but Im thinking it would be nice as a long term coating for the rear cargo area and wheel tubs.

Your thoughts, suggestions and experiences are appreciated and welcome.
I did my old K-5 in Herculiner. It holds up great when prep directions are followed (sanding for "tooth" and cleaning with MEK). The only spot I had to touch up was where my heel rested under the pedal, and that was after ~3 years, with it being a DD half that time. My biggest gripe with it is that it's hard to keep clean given the roughness. You'll need to pay mind to bolt holes as well (put ear plugs in them.) It did help with noise too (not near as good as carpet, but better than bare floor.)
I rolled mine on, and I was completely happy with it for that application.

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