Opinions on driveshaft work

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Apr 24, 2008
Conway, SC
So, here's the deal... My brother has a 90 Toyota minitruck with a high-horsepower race built SBC and SAS full width Chevy axles. It has 4 inch trailmaster springs with the solid axle swap. He hasn't had any luck with the front driveshafts that the local driveshaft shop has made for him. I know that Tom Woods has been a great event sponsor. Has anybody had any experience with them making high angle driveshafts? Is there anybody else that y'all would recommend for this application. The truck is a mud racer and we all H8MUD but any help would be greatly appreciated!
We have a shop here in N. Chas. that does double wall shafts, but I think Tom Woods would be about the same price.
I have used Tom Wood shafts on several rigs in the past with good results. If you take the time to tell him exactly what you are doing with the rig, etc., he will build you a great shaft.

He also has been very reasonable on repair costs / modification costs, though shipping tends to get expensive. I had a Jeep about 15 years ago that utilized a very short rear shaft (16" or so) and had good experiences with him. I ran three different rear axles in that Jeep as my build progressed and he would modify the shaft at minimal cost ... That said, it has been a long time since I have dealt with him, so YMMV ...

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