Opinions on Cruiser/Blown Valve options

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Aug 17, 2008
SB, CA & Chi, IL
Looking at an 87 60. Not too much cancer, little bit of rust here and there. but definitely nothing major. Underneath it's spotless, saw seepage on the axle, and transfer case. It's stock, 4 speed, run of the mill 60. Last time it ran was 06, compression was ridiculously low, and current owner stated it needed a valve job/engine rebuild. Asking $1000, body is still a little rough though. Attached pictures. Opinions? Is this an idea truck for the money? Plus would rebuilding the motor be worth it? Or would dropping a 350 in it be a better idea?


I would buy that in a heartbeat. I only wish my diesel had so little carnage on the body.

You could probably find a good used 2F to keep the costs down but I would have a mechanic look over the engine to see just what is wrong with it, might not require a complete rebuild.

decent price, where's the rust? get it running and see what condition the engine is in.

do not trust/believe as gospel what the current owner says about the engine.
pull the head if you can still see cross hatching in the cyl bores have the head rebuilt , pull the oil pan and inspect the bearings. if they are good drive it for another 150k:D
As for rust: Very very little, on the gutters (normal), little bit on the drivers door sill, and that's pretty much it.
As for the motor: Would love to do that before I buy it, but the owner would have a fit.

Also, one other problem. He lost the title. He ordered a new one, but I'm not buying a truck until I have an actual pink slip. But I'm gonna see if he will do a deposit thing, I'll take the truck, and since he lives really close to me, I'll pay him the rest when I get the pink.

Gonna try and meet with him tomorrow and get this done by the end of the week. I really wanted a 62, but I don't think I can pass a deal like this up.
A head job is fairly easy and basic. I paid $300 or so for my last cruiser that had all bad exhaust valves. They relplaced the bad ones, resurfaced it and it was good as new. Always use toyota oem head gasket. you only want to do it once. I would say the truck looks great for that price. I paid $900 for mine 3 months ago. had blown motor, rust, no brakes...etc. That is in CT.
Well, from a guy who has bought 3 FJ60s now, exactly in that condition I will tell you my experience:

Don't kid yourself - the fix is not gonna be cheap, manageable if you do it yourself, but still you're not gonna get out for less than $1000 - assuming it's just a head gasket.

$400 min for head work (there's a guy in Reseda who does the BEST machine work you will find - he does all MAFs work). $100 head gasket ... and while it's apart you're gonna want to plane and repair the INT/EXH manifold. Will undoubtedly need carb work (they almost all do at if it's the untouched original carb). And don't forget there's still smog to pass! California CAT is $350 - does it have the original Cat conv? Is all the smog equip there and unmolested ?

I would seriously offer the guy $500.

But I would probably buy it at $1000 if the mileage is low. If mileage is over 200K and there is rust around the rain gutter and A-pillar, I would not pay $1000.

V8 will cost more than a 2F rebuild - proper 2F rebuild is around $3500. R&R'ing the engine yourself. V8 swap will be North of 7K.

Oh, and not having the physical pink slip is no big deal if the guy you buy it from is the legitimate owner. Just some addt'l DMV paperwork. AAA is your friend.
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If it hasn't been registered since 06 and it's not non-op there's going to be DMV penalties. X2 on AAA. Take the VIN to them see what they say.
If it hasn't been registered since 06 and it's not non-op there's going to be DMV penalties. X2 on AAA. Take the VIN to them see what they say.

Ah! Damn good point - I forgot about that! DMV is really really tight about this now - could add $300-400 to your costs. :mad::mad:
Haha my first question was about the status of the tags. It's on non op. No issues there.

The rust is really no concern. for a FJ60, this is like rust free. All the spots will come out with rubbing compound. Never thought I would say rust on a 60 would be the least of my concerns

Definitely would like more information on the guy in Reseda. I just don't think I'm really up for a rebuild all by myself.

Few more pictures. I'm definitely getting excited. This is also my first 60 (have had 3 100s and an 80)
The machine shop in Reseda is call Martin Davidson Automotive. He builds the motors MAF sells. You'd have to (or have someone) pull the motor and take it to him. He did one of mine and the engine is absolutely tits, so far, about 4K miles later... ( I need to get out more!)

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