Opinions on Cool Cruisers repro weatherstrip kits

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Nov 7, 2017
Luray VA ( Lou-Ray)
Are they worth a damn?
Searched and the last comment I could find was 2010 and they said they were "as good" as OEM. Anyone here use their kit(s) on a FJ40 ? Looking specifically at the windshield and door kits.
@iptman Patrick is the expert here.
@Racer65 has nice door weather stripping. I've installed it 5 times on my 4 doors. I don't know if he makes repro windshield but I think the oem version is still available and not too spendy.

I had some pretty good frustration getting my doors to shut right after installing the new WS. Combination of a new OEM door strike mechanism and adjusting the door ended up fixing it. Unfortunately by that time I had already tried to trim the DS WS so I pulled it off and put a new one on. Thankfully his stuff is only about $50 per door.
Alexi - Since I think you're budget-oriented, I'd say go with CCOT. OEM has molded corners on the doors, CCOT does not but a little concentration will work wonders as you install it. I have no experience with either windshield gasket. My CCOT door gaskets have been great for 6 years now. Definitely not the same as OEM but the installer is what makes or breaks this one...take your time and make some cuts in the right places.
Here's the weather stripping I used. It was molded based on OEM.

Here's all his weather stripping. He's got 60 and 55 series windshield WS but not 40 for some reason.


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