Oops. What did I do? Incorrect battery charging HJ60 24V

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Jan 1, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Well, I went to top off one of the batteries in my HJ60, but mistakenly connected the charger as if it was a normal 12V setup - positive to positive, negative to negative, on one battery only.

When I did this, I only had the truck for a few days. And maybe it did this before but now I need to bring the RPMS up to about 1200 to get the battery light to go off on the dash. Did I screw something up?

I was using a small charger, like 0.75amp (the one I use for my motorcycle). I had left it on for a few hours....
I am far from an expert but I leave my HJ on a car charger for months at a time with no problem. Driver side battery only, positive to positive...neg, neg. No issue. I then drive it daily for several months, no issue. Not sure if that helps you but from my experience that wouldn't have screwed anything up.
Hey George, what you are describing is quite common. Search mud for "charge lamp relay"

There is a relay that tends to get hairline cracks in the solder points in the circuit board. Revving the engine a bit can bridge the gap.
Resoldering the relay can often help. Replacement relays are expensive and hard to find, but repairs are often successful.
Wow. That's great info. Thank you. I had done a search before, but I didn't find the relay issue. I will look it up now and see if I can fix this.

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