OOps...broke it...any ideas???

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Dec 24, 2002
I was pulling off the cover of the thermostat of a 74 F engine and both bolts broke off...The cover is off with about an inch of stud sticking out of the base...Any ideas how to get em out without messing up the case??
You can drill them out, i have two ways of doing this, not sure if they are good one so someone else chime in, but you can take a drill bit smaller then the stud, drill the center out, and try to "crush" the stud inwards till it comes out. Also you could drill the whole stud out, and re-tap the holes. Hope this helps
Soak them with PB Blaster over night.Next day put some heat on the stud,let it cool down,spray with more PB Blaster and turn them out with channel lock's. If that doesn't work then drill them out.HTH Bill
Finally got em out....had to first take some small vise grips and sharpen the teeth so they would grip...then heated the aluminum around the stud and finally got em out...guess thats what happens when a bolt has been in the same hole for 28 years..LOL

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