Ontario Safety Inspection!!

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Jan 12, 2007
Toronto, ON Canada
Hi all:

I am now required to bring my truck from Vancouver to Toronto, Ontario a little sooner than planned. The 403 highway jumped out, bit my volkswagen and totalled it!!

I am now looking for somewhere that understands that old Landcruisers are not quite perfect and will understand this when safetying it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I live in Missisauga but would go from Barrie to London for a quick and painless experience.

thanks in advance
I think the big problem is that in the GTA, you have to get emission tested, no? I'm about 2.5 hrs NW, and considered outside the emission testing area...don't know if you need an address up here, or if you can just take it up...there are guys around here that would safety the truck...

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