For Sale Ontario canada. fj60 rear axles (2) 370 thirds (2) ++ (1 Viewer)

Jul 24, 2007
Sudbury Ontario Canada
Swapped an ff 80 rear axle into my 40 so the 60 axle and all my spares are for sale.

1 stocker 60 rear axle. Complete trun to drum incl part of e brake cable. Axle is apart (shafts and third pulled). Missing a couple 3rd studs. 150$ obo

1 molested 60 axle set up for soa with ruff stuff pearches. Has a ladder bar mount with a 1 off skully gusset on ds side otherwise axle is stripped of all brackets and mounts. Would come w 370 third. Axle is also apart (3rd and axles pulled). 200$ obo.

Either axle can come with a ruff stuff 9.5 diff cover for a bit more cash. Cover is painted capri blue, never used just bolted up to diff during build. 100$ by itself

Fj40 rear heater 69ish? Didnt leak when in the truck been sitting for 3 years. 40$

1 fj40 windshield with wipers and motor mounted at the top. Little crusty and has 15 layers of paint. Windshield is cracked. Wipers and motor included no sun visors. Wipers worked when it was pulled. 40$

1 freshly rebuilt 70 series front axle w drive flanges. Seals calipers and rotors all new as per guy i got it from. Willing to trade for an fj60 front axle in similar shape otherwise ill keep it for spare parts.


Feel free to pm me but im not on here as much as i used to be.

Would prefer local buyers for the big stuff. Buyer ships for the smaller stuff.

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