Only somewhat handy guy fixes antenna thanks to ih8mud! (1 Viewer)

May 3, 2010
After reading the excellent write up here:
I had the confidence to attempt an antenna mast replacement on 97 LC. Never would have dreamed motor would come out that hole. Would have given up without knowledge from write up. Came out easier after I removed bracket (two screws)

Dissasembled motor and removed broken toothed cord. Reassembled and fed in OEM Antenna mast part number 8633760080 ($40 from Discount toyota online) Wouldn't go all the way down with controls at first but after turning radio off and on it works perfectly.

One caution, the bolt that holds the motor only needs to be retorqed in the inch ounce range as the threads in the bracket will strip.
Apr 12, 2010
Bentonville Arkansas
tried to use your part number and it did not come up. Do yo have the link for the site you bought. Mine needs to be replaced and after reading the thread, I am going to buy the kit and get it done

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