Online parts shops that ship internationally?

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May 1, 2008
Hello all. I'm after a clutch, some MT parts for the H151F transmission and associated f/t xfer and various seals. I'm based in Australia, and prices here are out of control - try US 650 for an exedy clutch kit....

Can anyone recommend suppliers that will ship internationally in the US or Canada?

Talk to Kurt at he should be able to help you with this problem.
I can help you out with OEM parts, but i am afraid that shipping will kill the whole deal as clutch kit for 80 series is about 16kg. PM me if you want a price quote.
Thanks. Might be of interest to others I guess so might as well keep it open.
Haven't got a complete list of parts I need yet as it's not fully stripped, but will be looking for these:
Clutch kit
Rear main seal 90311-95008
Gearbox seal kit 04331-60200
Transfer front output seal 90311-50014
Transfer rear output seal 90311-58008
Transfer input oil seal 90310-16001
Transfer input oil seal 90311-48018
Transfer fill/drain plug seals x2 90430-18008
Transfer PTO cover gasket 36144-60030
Transfer output shaft dust seal 33325-60040
Transfer dust seal 33325-60050
Transfer dust seal 33325-60070
MT Synchros 1 33037-60030
MT Synchros 2 33038-60020
MT Synchros 3 33039-60020
H151f 1st gear 33032-60090
H150 1st gear 33335-60110
H151f 2nd gear 33033-60070
H150 2nd gear 33033-60060

As for shipping, it may still work out for me to spend a couple hundred to get the parts here. Can anyone recommend a carrier for moving forty-odd kilos by air economically?


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