For Sale One Set of HMMWV wheel adapters for grabs. $600 OBO

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Jul 5, 2014
United States
I have one set of these that a customer bought from me locally even though I told him it wouldn't fit his 4Runner because the offset was way off he insisted. Well he asks that I help him sell them. So here they are. He is asking a whole whopping $600 plus shipping. Come get them now.

These allow you bolt 37" double bead lock HMMWV (Military Humvee Wheels and Tires to your 80 Series).

Oh and btw feel free to make an offer. I will just ask him. These are ready to ship.


615 975 9838

Feel free to text or call me or email me.

I can ship these out today if paypal is done before 4 pm.

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I want these. Will you do layaway?
Thanks again for doing the work to bring these to market!
That's 3 sets sold on here. And 6 locally. We now make them for all platforms. Just need some measurements.

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