One of the Last: Supercharger Install in FZJ80

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I am my rig's nemesis.
Sep 16, 2011
This is my after-action report after installing one of the last TRD gen 4 superchargers in my 40th anniversary FZJ80. In short, after 5,000 Hail Marys and quite a bit of penance for excessive cussing, the install was a complete success. This is purely thanks to photoman, beno, and this community.

Here are the associated threads:
  • Here I was probing for how to put 37" tires on my rig... and then how to get more power. This then led to a discussion about the "last available" SCs on the market.
  • I then found a rebuilt SC main body on eBay and impulsively bought it, not realizing the tar pit I just lowered myself in... This is where photoman and beno saved the day...
  • Then I spent time finding how many ways to insert the f-word in as many sentences as possible during my adventure with the %&#%* crank pulley bolt. This was the beginning of my need to go to confession.
  • Then after ripping everything apart, I discovered another "surprise", where photoman again leaped into the fray to save the day.
  • As described in the above threads, I...
    • completely destroyed several tools (but not a big deal),
    • accidentally snapped that $%^* plastic pencil-thin pipe on top of the radiator reservoir (necessitating replacing the radiator),
    • and almost had the cops show up because I cussed too loudly...
But all in all, it was a terrific experience, and I'm thankful to everyone for their kind help. I did install a boost gauge to see what kind of PSI I was running. It's a VDO cheapo gauge, and it reads -12 PSI during idle and gets up to 6 PSI after a sustained pull across a couple of gears. I definitely feel the difference in torque and highway performance.

... Of course, now I'm interested in whatever landtank comes up with, in terms of an intercooler so that I can swap out the SC pulley wheel...

The only concern I have after taking this risk with a 225k original engine is simple that- soon I need to think about doing an engine rebuild. Not sure when I should do it, but was thinking it would be whenever the HG goes. Advice is more than welcomed here.

And to photoman and beno, beers on me in Moab.

Welcome to the cool kids club :smokin:

Glad it all works out in the end. Enjoy the ride. And you do owe bill and Onur Some beer don't ya ;). Onur prefers woodford reserve I hear :beer:

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