One of the last HZJ75 sold , July 1999 .

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Jun 10, 2005
Hi All

Searched my ideal HZJ75 for a long time , and finally I found it and bought it almost 2 years ago ! But being able to enjoy this 75 troopy was a real saga ! Why ? Because I live in a beautiful , yet very complicated country ( tax & emissions wise ) : Portugal . The 75s were never sold new in Portugal , so I knew from the start , it would be a complicated matter . I found my 75 for sale in Holland , with Swedish registration . Buying was easy , but getting a Portuguese license plate , it was another matter !
I bought my 75 , because it was setup as a camping car or "motor caravan" , the only way , I could get my license plate without paying an absurd amount of import tax . Back in December 1st 2018 , when I bought the car in Holland , the portuguese tax scheme , was very sympathetic to "motor caravans" , but there was a catch ! Swedish documents did not mention specifically "motor caravan" , only mentioned "5 passenger vehicle" like a normal car . Swedish people are practical blokes , they don't care ( much ) how you setup your 75 . So what should I do ? Pay the normal 40000 Euros tax ( yes , 40000 Euros ) ? That's how much import tax a passenger Land Cruiser with a 4164 cc engine pays in Portugal . No way ! To my help , came a good portuguese friend , who lives and works at the UK , whom , like me , is crazy about Land Cruisers . He went to fetch my 75 in Holland , to register it in the UK , as a "motor caravan" , in my name , and when the UK license plates where ready , ship it to my address in Portugal ! That was cheap , but it took a little longer than we anticipated , and the 75 arrived in Portugal , with UK license plates , in my name , late February 2019 . I started then the process to register it in Portugal as "motor caravan" , 5 places , as the UK V5 ( equivalent to USA title ) stated . Like that , I would pay only about 2500 Euros import tax . An HUGE difference ! Then "disaster" struck ! Lots of people , knew that loophole of the "motor caravans" , and were importing mostly luxury Range Rovers as motor caravans to evade portuguese crazy taxes . The Finance Secretary ( minister ) wasn't happy about that situation and changed the legislation , ending the "motor caravan" loophole just one week before my 75 arrived in Portugal ! Now , motor caravans have such rules to be considered so , that is impossible to register a Land Cruiser as such ! I'm F"#$%d ! 40000 Euros , almost double than what I payed for the 75 ! Now what ? Sell it back ? No way ! One of the last 75s built , in excellent condition , with factory AC and factory lockers is as rare as hen's teeth , no way I would give it up , just like that ! Started to dig deep on the legislation and I found that if I changed the UK title to "van" , with 2 passengers only , the Portuguese crazy tax would be much lower , "just" 7800 Euros . Crazy expensive still , but no way I would give my 75 up ! So I officially "reexported" the 75 , notifying the portuguese customs ( the 75 stayed put in a garage ) , sent the UK title back to the DVLA by registered mail , requiring to change from motor caravan 5 places to Van , 2 places , and that's how things work to change a vehicle type in the UK ! Of course I got some help from my UK friend , and finally I got my Portuguese License plates in July 2020 , after paying 7800 euros import tax , for a 2 seater HZJ75 Land Cruiser .
Enough talking ! Let's see some pics !
The first pic is in Holland , the day I bought it


The day it arrived in Portugal , late Feb 2019

And it came with a crapy roof rack , but with a roof tent .
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In Portugal with UK license plates . Crapy roof rack , very ugly alloy wheels , with 235/85/16 tyres .


Vin tag on the firewall . Chassis number sticker on the inside of the B pillar . Never seen that before on a European cruiser . My December 1998 HDJ100 does not have that vin sticker on the B pillar nor all the portuguese 100s that I know of . Someone more knowledgeable to explain that , please !


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Engine compartment . Lots of emissions junk , lots of VSVs and vacuum lines ! Of course , dual battery , 24 volts . It is amazing how intact the engine compartment is . Everything untouched , on the proper place . And how smooth the engine works !




Testing the roof tent with some friends . It is in very good condition , and it works well , but it is not for me :) ! I don't like roof racks or roof tents very much , and now , being restricted to 2 places only , I can camp on the interior whenever I need . I bought the 75 with the roof rack and tent included , the seller didn't want to sell it other way . Maybe I sell the tent to offset a little the cost of import tax .


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And my 75 came with the delivery factory pouch and 3 original keys . I think it is missing the black plastic master key and two of the keys , though original toyota , are later cuts .
Oh , and a one inch thick file , with all the detailed receipts from the Toyota dealerships where the 75 was maintained , including the inspection logs / reports . Never failed an anual inspection .


Lubrication chart and instructions ( vaxlingsinstruktioner ) an seller business card .



Delivery log 07-22-1999
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Delivery and warranty logs and fully stamped mantainance book , until 141000 km , by Toyota dealers . It is very interesting because , Swedes , call the kilometres , "Mils" :) !

Registration log

"Forsta Service" - First service .

Diesel Service Intervals .

Dealer mantainence stamps .
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Two Owner's Manuals , one in Swedish , one in English . The Swedish one , is clearly a local print , but has a Toyota part number . They are very interesting , at least for one reason . On the pages that tell you how to operate the winch , there is no reference to the mechanical winch . Only to the electrical winch ! I found it very strange , so I went to see the manual parts catalog , the online catalogs , and toydiy , and surprise : mechanical winch , not applicable to the 1999 HZJ75 . Not sure if the same applies for earlier 75s .


Now it's getting better :cool: ! Decent wheels ! 225/95-16 Dunlop Qualifier tyres . These wheel rims are made of two sets of rims . One set of split rims from a BJ40 , and one set of HZJ79 . Some mining companies that operate in Portugal use 79s only . They throw away the original rims and tyres . The owner of the company that makes the setup for mining use , is a good friend , so he sold me a completely new set of 5 wheels and tyres for 50 euros , each complete wheel ! Real bargain . We cut the center of the split rims , and the center of the 79 rims at a machinist shop . Then , the machinist careful welds the BJ40 wheel center to the 79 rim ! They came out perfect ! So perfect that it was not necessary to use balance weights , what suprised me . The steering wheel does not shakes at all at any speed .



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July 4th 2020 ! At Last ! Portuguese license plates ! And at the back of the 75 , rear doors open , without the original rear front facing bench seat ( you can see the original seat belts ) . Two seater only :frown: . And still missing a mandatory cargo barrier behind the seats ( don't have pics of that , yet ) .
Now the fun begins !



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As some of you already noticed , the front springs are sagging , and the rear springs are too high . The springs were almost frozen solid with surface rust . Time to correct that . Luckly where I live , there is a leaf spring shop , very old , but real very old style ! The shop is almost 100 years old , started mid 20s of the 20th century . Here some pics that I think are great ! Working leaf springs like one century ago ! I call it "The Leaf Spring Cathedral" ! The shop employee , Manuel , loves to work these Toyota leaf springs . He says there is no steel like Toyota steel , and always advise against buying new spring packs from other makes . If a leaf is broken he will fabricate another leaf , from leftover leafs of old toyota or datsun trucks . He is 60 plus years old , and I will try to upload a 4 min video for you to see him handling the fire and the hammers .





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And some pics with the 75 and some of my cruisers :cool: ! The last one it is yours truly sitting on the front bumper of the 1982 HJ60 ! Got the entire family to drive the cruisers ! My wife Teresa , my son Manuel , my daughter Maria Teresa and a friend Daniel Sardinha ( who restores BJ4# series bodies like no other ) . This was a photo shoot organised by a portuguese 4wd magazine " Revista Todo o Terreno" ( All Terrain Magazine ) , that will publish an extended article about my Land Cruisers next October .

And that's all for today ! Hope you enjoyed ! Cheers !





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Welcome to the madness.

A fascinating story.

I am very sorry to hear about the import duty robbery , I grew up in Belgium and we have the same stupid regulations there !

Awesome score on that troopy.

Time for some updates on my Troopy .

Radiator protection plate and original front tow hooks were missing . So I ordered and installed new ones . Expensive . 130 € for the radiator protection and 56 € for each tow hook .


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