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May 30, 2002
The headlight switch on a 1969 FJ40 has six male spades arranged like :

| | Above these spades is the front of
| | the switch
| |

As some of you might know im still trying to work out rewiring my cruiser I have the following wires to hook up.
Power wire for Headlight switch
Ground wire for Headlight switch
In-Dash Panel Light wire
&nbsp:Dimmer switch wire
parking light wire
Any guidance as to which spade each wire can go, there was a plug on there before but the female spade connectors fit fine. There are no markings on the switch at all as to which spade is for which wire.
Or, should I junk it and get a new aftermarket switch
Thanks guys
Jan 3, 2003
I just got a new one it was dirt cheap and not worth the effort of figuring out which is which. Plus all the terminals on the new one are labelled for added ease. Just my 2 cents. I would look in my manual to tell you the placement but I lost it.,

Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
did you save your old harness with the connectors?
if so, can look at the wires, connect the new to the old using a wiring diagram.
according to a 72 diagram i have, the top left prong gets a power wire from fuse
top right prong goes to park lights and insturment lights
my diagram only shows four connections, the next one down on left is for dimmer switch to the floor.
bottom on on left goes to the fuse, power power for lights.
i used my old connector, and believe it has one wire in the middle but not sure which, its in a different town (in father-inlaws shop) or id look at it for you. if your using painless, the one going from switch to the dimmer is one you just have to cut a wire for. hope that helps

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