One Last Oil Leak

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Mar 26, 2012
What's going on here? I've been working for months to get rid of all the fluid leaks and I think I'm down to just this one oil leak. It's a seam between the engine and transmission with what appears to be a weep hole. It's right below the rubber inspection cover that you can see in the picture. It doesn't leak much but I was going for no leaks. Thanks.

idk super common, as long as it doesn't leave a mark on the ground. Or just put some cardboard under it

Mine's probably been the same for 5 years and it's not enough to worry about. Decent sized job for both
As above, more likely than not it's from the rear arch area of the upper oil pan, which is directly below the rear crank seal; so a leak in either comes out at the same place.

Well I read that whole thread and, as much as I hate oil leaks, I think I'll pass. If it starts hitting the ground maybe I'll devise a diaper for it. Thanks.
First photo shows the rear arch of the upper oil pan:

FZJ80 upper oil pan rear arch.jpg

Next photo shows the upper pan when mated to the block, the arch is directly below the rear crank seal.

FZJ80 rear arch upper oil pan rear main seal.JPG
My ‘96 has the same leak but a drop or two does hit the ground after a week of sitting. I’m not ready to pull the transmission over a small leak. I do understand chasing the “no leak truck” and the sweet joy of success. I hope you get it. No hijack intended- anyone tried a (dare I say) oil stop leak product? 😱

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