Wanted one 15x8 wheel for HENDOG

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Apr 14, 2004
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As the title says, we need one wheel, guaranteed to clear front and rear disc brakes. HENDOG will be here in a week and a half to drive his 45 across country. He purchased the truck without a spare. I do not have one to give him. But I do have an extra 33x12.5 that D'Animal gave me:cool: a few years ago when I was hunting for some MTs for Ruftoys that I would be happy to pass along to Henry. Just need a wheel to mount it to.

Prefer local.


Spangly You would be a lifesaver. My wife is ready to cut up my credit card and a few other things of mine , while I'm preparing for this trip!!! I will comp you some Southern Hospitality if you want to make a trip Down south---You name the event!( South of the Mason Dixon of course.:hillbilly:)
Keep in mind, timing is everything at this point. Not sure if I will have time next Thursday, as I've got my own road trip to prepare for. So WHATEVER arrangements are made, product NEEDS to be in house by Wednesday next week, preferably Tuesday.

Time is definitely of the essence on this, It need not be very pretty either as it will be used as a spare.

(Hopefully unused as a spare :grinpimp:.)
a little off topic but I want to see a picture of this thing!

I don't think Henry would mind a little hijack to show off the rear licence holder,

.....installed with donated bracket from antFJ!:bounce:

Getting close to D-Day
I think I've found a 15x7. Don't know if any shops around here will mount a 12.5 on it tho.:hillbilly:
Keep up the good work!

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