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Jan 15, 2003
Hey Fellas,
I have an Air conditioning unit out of a 72 Chevy Pickup. I've heard and seen people using the air compressor off this setup as an onboard air compressor. I'd like to use this on my FJ40. The question is, anyone have info and pics of how you are using this system with some type of oiling system for the compressor? ??? I'd rather use what I've got if it's possible.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
I use the stock Harrison AC pump on my Chev motor for the compressore...use the previous A-6 compressor as well. The inline oiler I used was a little one from Grainger, honestly not sure how effective it is.

I pulled the alum block from the back of the compressor, cut off the two tubes that stick out, tapped them for pipe thread, and "gently" put on two fittings and adapted down to the proper air-line size. Piece of cake. I run a popoff valve since I don't have a compressor switch or onboard tank.

See the OBA links in "vehicle toys" in the tech section and you'll see some ideas.

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