? on poly spring bushings

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Dec 4, 2002
I was looking at CCOTs bushings for my springs, they say 12 will do two springs.
I removed my fronts last night. half were already gone. due to age.

My question is how many go on a spring and where with my Math skills that means 6 bushings to a spring. but where. I only found two in each end of the springs. totaling 8 for both springs ???
now add in the shackle hanger mounts...that's where the 24 individual (12 pairs) of bushings come into play...do them ALL while yer in there....
Ahh yes... that makes sense.

Does anyone happen to know if I use these bushings with the stock springs. and then go to a lift spring can I reuse them or would I have to buy another set?

Probably has to do with spring width??
I installed a set of the CCOT bushings, along with new greasable shackles and Rancho RSX shocks about a year ago. A little rough on the highway, but GREAT off road.

As for reusing them, I think for the price it would just be better to use new ones when you install the lift.

If your bushings are as bad as mine were, and from your description they are, you will really appreciate the difference.
most aftermarket springs run a larger spring eye and a SAE bolt...you usually are stuck with all new bushings for the install.

search for "poly" on sor.com and their spring bushing chart will give you an eyefull of all the options out there.

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