OME VS Heckethorn

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May 10, 2007
Snohomish, Wa
Any advice here? the OME's are spendy at $100 a pop. I see the heckethorns are half the price with a liftime warranty. How are the heckethorns? too rough?
They do the same thing in a different way. You get what you pay for. I have used both and have neither, just experience.

I can crap in a box an put a lifetime warranty on it. What good is a warranty on a product not worth the box it's in?
aye ;)
I never ran the OME stabilizer, but I have run the Heckethorns on two Cruisers including my 60. It has been on for quite a few years and its doing a fine job. If it ever dies I'll get another. I think I paid $15.00 for it at a local parts store. My experience with Skyjacker stabilizers was pitiful, stay away from those.

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