OME suspension install. Getting into problem after problem, after problem.

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Oct 14, 2011
Up in the cold north, Norway
Left out on the quest to experience OME heavies on my truck earlier today. I failed miserably to say the least.
First problem occurred when i tried to seat the axle on the leaf springs, rear drive shaft are to long. It bottoms out on in travel. Then I turn the springs the wrong way around and face the military wrap to rhe shackle. This solve the problem for now it seems but as i back it out into the blizzard outside. Happy I can finally deive home in the midle of the night my drive shaft fell out. Now suddenly my to long drive shaft are to short :(
I jump out and lie down in the snow starting to loosen my drive shaft and throw it in the luggage compartment.
Ohh, and my OME 60062 sport shocks doesn't fit. They are ti short fully extended! They are to short. I am running Trail Gear 5.5" shackles and planing going 6" up front.
Heavy leaves front and back with add a leaf at the back end.
Springs compress minimal under the weight of the truck and i belive rje shackle angle are bad. Shackles point towards the front.
Haven't done the front yet. Startet in the rear.

Only got this one picture, was extremely tired and frustrated late at night.

Ehh. How do I add pictures from my phone using the forum app?
Drive shaft too long? Are you using the original drive shaft? Lifting the cruiser increases the distance between the transmission output flange and the pinion flange, so the original shaft shouldn't be too long. The grease in the shaft will expand the slip yoke when the axel is freed from the springs as they are replaced. When I did my lift I used a ratchet strap to pull the axel forward so I could seat it.
OME are bastards when you install them. I have medium OME, when I installed them with OME anti-inversion shackles I couldn't figure out
what was wrong with them. The rear shackle pointed forward as yours do. I took them for a drive with a bunch of weight in the back, and the springs settled. I can't imagine heavies would be better. The fronts were only marginally better. Put them in the way they are supposed to be, load up the truck with some weight. A winch up front would sure help, for adding weight
I am by far an expert in this matter, but when I bought my 60 a few months back I started trying to figure out why it drive like s***. Then after understanding the reverse shackle lift and inspecting I notice the front shackle angle was pointing forward. I ended up taking my truck to a local spring shop. They took a bunch of measurements then removed all the springs and de-arched them a tad. This flattened the spring pack enough to get the shackle angle correct.
I've done several OEM sets on these wagons and yes they can be a pain.

The rear driveshaft seems too long because when the springs are unloaded with the truck up on stands, they are arched which pushes the axle forward. When you put weight on the springs they flatten out, which makes the rear axle move back.

Flip the springs back like they should be, put the truck back in the ground, then hook up the driveshaft, it will be fine.
yeah with lift springs the drive shafts need fitment, or spring hangers need moved...the problem is the unloaded springs have so much arch that they are in effect too short. if one were to drive their rig up onto the inverted spring packs to be installed, in order to flatten them a bit, it will help. the springs tend to be over arched and require a break in period under a load to settle to their specd height. to do this without the problems you're experiencing, you need to pre-load the springs. the shackle angle should point away from the axle they support- I'd say by between 70 and 45 degrees. the 60/62 springs have an offset pin, so flipping them around the wrong way will make the axle set back too far by about 4 inches- enough to let your driveshaft slip-out. you are running heavy packs with add-a-leafs? wow, bouncy. how much weight do you have in the boot? you'd prolly be fine w/o the add-a-leaf...
The springs need to be installed in the correct orientation. The shackles that you're speaking of sound way too big to me. When installed they will only bring the axle further away from the transfer-case.

Shackles are not intended to provide lift. The springs provide lift and are designed to work with the shackles designed for the suspension system.

I have a full OME suspension system. No issues for years.
I installed OME heavy / heavy on my 86 fj60 without issue. Did it by myself with the help of a small ratchet strap to help with getting the leaf springs aligned. First i put the truck on 4 jack stands to get it off the ground, removed all 4 tires and then worked on each spring pack individually and would use a floor jack and ratchet strap to position things back together and in alignment. My truck is stock and I had no issues with the driveshafts or spring pins..etc, that not to say I did not have to wrestle around with things for a while at times.

jack stands under the frame.....leaving the suspension at full drop... once shocks removed too

I bought the heavy / heavy "deluxe" kit from Kurt....and used the parts contained within (cruiser outfitters)
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I forgot, I had to install a shim under the front axle for a bit of toe correction. I 'think' 2.5 deg. Not much, but it did make a difference.
Looks like a summary is needed here Lasse. How'd you end up with the photo? By far the easiest way is to get the photobucket app and upload and a simple copy paste link from in the app to your mud post.

Now to your springs I've seen shackles longer than yours work....but not easily.

Like virtually everyone else has said; get a fresh perspective and a good chunk of time and start again with the spring orientated the correct way.

Try the ratchet strap technique as your shaft has the propensity the push out if it's greased also.
Above all try it one spring at a time with the other 3 wheels on the ground and safely chocked and wheel stand with the tyre under the bullbar for Justin. Leave the wheels on the ground means the axle is less likely to move around and I've even done it with all 4 on the ground.

When the shackle gives you some curry get a long bar out and start shifting your angles around to suit, it's really a 2 man job.

Regardless of what I think of OME they shouldn't be this big a drama to install so you may just need a cold one and a good nights sleep before you go again.

Good luck mate, pictures and we can help some more.
justin...curry...figjam...I love austalk.
I had to have my drive shafts re-sized post OEM spring install. My experience seems the exception, but just saying.
If you pull the grease zerk at the slip part on the shaft it will compress just a bit further. Not much, but sometimes you just need the not much. Make sure to add grease back in after reinstalling the zerk.

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