OME Stock Height sport vs IM4x4 Foam Cell Pro shocks?

Sep 13, 2006
Olympia, WA
Has anyone tried this? I have some aging sport shocks with my OME stock height springs that are due for replacement soon. I was thinking of trying the Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro shocks that they sell with their 2" lift kit since they don't make a "stock height" kit. The number that concerns me most is the compressed length of the IM4x4 front shocks which are 11mm longer, just short of a half inch. Was going to use a forklift and fully compress my front axle on one side and take some measurements to see where my specific 80 is at. Maybe a slightly longer bump stop?

OME stock height Sport vs IM4x4 Foam Cell Pro.JPG

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