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Mar 29, 2011
Due to height restrictions at a couple of parking garages that I must use :mad: I am going to get the OME stock height suspension for my 80.
My question is, do they make heavy duty stock height springs to use with an ARB bumper and winch ?
Second, do you use stock shocks with this set up ?
And last, if anyone has some pics of their 80 with the stock height set up please post them and list what size tire you are running.
Thanks in advance !!
the springs you are after are the 861 fronts..they are heavies, anfd the 862 rears, they are listed as mediums.
i have the set, just not under the gold truck yet.
yes you can use oem length shocks.
285's fit without a lift so just sayn.
I just installed an OME stock height kit in my rig and I used Bilstein shocks. The ride is a lot firmer than it was with my original springs. The back end is at least an inch and a half higher than it was before. The front is probably lifted by an inch. I am all stock and run 275/70R26 tires (stock).

I won't be able to take pictures for a few more days.
I just installed the stock height kit on mine with new oem toyota shocks. Rides like a new rig.





with 295/75 bfg's

I'm very happy.
I just installed an OME stock height kit in my rig and I used Bilstein shocks. The ride is a lot firmer than it was with my original springs. The back end is at least an inch and a half higher than it was before. The front is probably lifted by an inch. I am all stock and run 275/70R26 tires (stock).

I won't be able to take pictures for a few more days.

I've got the same set up on my LX.

Same lift results. It is a stiffer ride than stock initially. Seemed to soften up some after a few thousand miles.
Here are a few. Rig set up as in my sig line. I originally went with the OEM Tokico shocks all around, but in the front they couldn't deal with the extra weight. I swapped the fronts out for the OME Nitrocharger Sports and am now very happy with the combination of shocks and 861/862 coils.

The coils take a few miles to settle, but it is what it is when you have to fit.;)
Im reviving this thread to ask for raw data. To those with OME "stock height" springs and no heavy equipment, can you please measure from center of wheel to middle of fender. EDIT: If someone who has stock springs that do not sag, I would like your measurement also. It may be more useful.

I would like to see if my springs are sagging and if i would be gaining much with the 861/862 combo.

Also, I remember someone on here (Nay?) say that you dont want to lift your truck any higher than what is necessary [to clear obstacles]. I understand this concept from a handling perspective, but I also read that our 80s were delivered to the USDM with shorter springs than the rest of the world. Does this also mean that USDM ride height is lower than designed? What are the facts about this?

Lastly, since I have an early 1991, do I have shorter springs or different suspension hardware of some kind than later fj80s and fzj80s?
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the suspension did not change much from 91-97.
the sway bar mounts changed a little, but everything else stay the same.
the fj80 was a radical change from the fj62, however the change from fj80 to fzj80 was a mild one.
The 862 stock height heavies will give you at least an inch of lift in the back without a load, probably more. The issue is that they won't ride as nice without the weight to settle them.

Do you have over a 100,000 miles on the stock coils? Then they're sagging. You will notice the difference right away if you replace the worn OEM coils with the new stock height OME coils.

My best estimate is that the 861/862 combination gets you about halfway to the 2.5" lift when first installed, then you get some settling in the first couple of thousand miles that loses a little of what was gained, but then it's all good.

You can add the packers if you need some fine adjustment. If you want more than that, then go with the 2.5" lift.:meh:
Since I haven't seen numbers posted I measured mine. I just went to a used OME Stock lift, BUT... I added a 30mm spacer set front and rear. Mine are 22" from the center of the wheel to the top of the wheel opening. That mean anything, or did I measure wrong?
Thanks slabsides, thats what I needed. I will just remember to subtract 30mm.

The reason I ask about the changes from the fj to the fzj is what I see on the Man-a-fre site here
Look at the notes at the bottom where it says add 20mm for post 8/91 built trucks.
:doh: i found that thread soon after i logged back on to look for an answer this afternoon. rookie mistake i know. thanks.
so I've had 3 previous lifted vehicles, and once I lifted them , put on 35's , then 5:29's, then marlin Tcase, then lockers, then the list continues ... that I don't want to go that route anymore ... you can see the sag in my profile pic , and just prefer stock ride height and a stock ride. 31's are fine for me too ... I'll still be able to go where I want , without all the added headache of a lifted vehicle. I assume the OME stock springs will feel firmer and be stock to land cruiser stiffness and not my lexus with the softer springs ? I also thought that adding 1" spacers to the OME kit would still be in the stock range , so no other mods would be needed ? your thoughts ? I just measured center of wheels from the ground to the bottom of the flares ... currently their 35" in the front and 33.5 " in the rear ... saggin' ... what are they with 31" tires stock or with the stock OME kit ?
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General rule of thumb 19.5" to 20" where most are starting with old stock lift.
I'm a firm belive in the OME stock height springs because hey are a dual rate springs.
Front is 170lb./250lb.
Rear is170lb./260lb.
There is nothing wrong with adding a 30mm spacer on top of the coils.
Infact I'm running the 862+30mm with 37"s on my rig.
265/75 Grabbers. OME Stock Height with fresh OEM shocks from CruiserDan. Sits plenty level for me. The "Stock Height" springs have a heavier rate and are great for people like me who load heavily when traveling. They are firm. I like the lift and tire combo. The Grabbers have served me well, no punctures on a number of Baja runs, but I'm not wedded to them. I'd like to try the Cooper ATs in the future. On my "new" 1993 rig (two now and always looking) I'm going to go with the 2.5" OME mediums and the same size tire. Then I'll have a real good opinion huh?
Back to the tire/lift combo: I don't regularly run around with the cargo box, and I have a strong engine and an intelligent foot. I just filled up today and calculated my mileage as usual. 15.6mpg. I read where the tires are like 2% larger that stock which means I'm traveling slightly further than my odometer reads so that's a solid figure. So I'm going to have to do some much more serious wheeling than I actually do to justify much larger tires.

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Costco running...


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