OME Low Lift Springs

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May 7, 2003
I was wondering if anyone has some OME low lift springs (861,862) that they are interested in selling. I would have posted this in the For Sale forum, but I don't know how often people check there for 80 stuff.



I would if somebody else, in turn, offers his 851/860 (after going for heavier setup) ;)
Anyone? I know that someone is looking for that extra lift so that Frank can move up to the 3" and I can get the small lift and firmer spring rate I want.

I need some spring spacers, a double cardan driveshaft, adjustable control arms, and an adjustable panhard rod. I'm willing to give someone some old shock bushings and an OEM bumper in trade.

I can get your those spacers if you can find me blower. :D

I'll send you Junk's momma for your blower if someone will send me a TRD Supercharger. :D
I think I have seen this episode of M*A*S*H*. :D
B-wulf, I will get you the TRD supercharger if you can get a 2003 VX FZJ80 from Caracas to Vancouver for me and handle the import paperwork and object are closer than they appear sticker. If you get me the brilliant orange special edition I will also cover you on Cary's spacer and Rogue's blower. :D
Now you've gone and got everything all mixed up. The spacers are for Rogue; Cary wants the blower.

I'm keepin' Junk's momma to trade for those chrome factory wheels that BMT has a line on.

Holy dead thread revivals!!!! :eek:
robjam said:
Great comedy. Try it in Wanted to Buy. :idea:

Yes!! Exactly! "Wanted to Buy," as in, "3 years ago Cary wanted to buy some low lift springs."

So....................who has Junk's momma now?

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