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Dec 7, 2002
I finally got my OME Heavy/Heavy lift springs installed on my FJ60. Here are the before and after heights taken at the corners of my bumpers. I believe that my bumpers are straight with the frame; perhaps I should have measured from the frame?
Left Front: was 18 1/4"/ now 20 1/2"..gain of 2 1/4
Right Front: was 17 7/8 inches/ now 19 1/2..gain of 1 5/8
Left Rear: was 19 inches/now 24 1/2...gain of 5 1/2 inches!
Right Rear: was 18 inches/ now 22 1/2...gain of 4 1/2 inches

I put the fronts on and have been driving on them for 3 days and just got the rears on yesterday. I put the "B" spring on the passengers side as was labeled by Kurt of Cruiser Outfitters. Now, I am wondering if this is right..I have read several threads on "Cruiser Lean" and they all say to use the B spring on the passenger's side, but it seems weird.
If I was you I'd make peace with the lean right now. Get a bit of weight in the back of that thing and go twist those springs up for a few hours, it helped my ironmans a lot. It's nice to be above the bumpstops isn't it!
Ditto on "get use to it" Mine has a 1" lean to the right, front and rear. That is better than when I first installed the OME. I was worried about if I had the springs "A" and "B" on the correct side.. they are. Called ARB and the guy said it IS gonna lean to the right. They "plan on a tire carrier being on the rear left side" also they claim that over time more weight is on the left and they will settle that way.

I just put a winch on the front..that corrected some of the difference, and it rides better even stopped some of the diveing into turns..215lbs of bullbar and winch, worth every penny!

Funny though, my stock springs had settled more to the right than to the left. I was about a inch lower on the right side before I switched...I dunno

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