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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
i have heard that the kits from man a fre ome 2.5 lift with shackle reversal moves the rear axle forward a couple inches. why does it move the axle forward. if i want to put the axle back is that possable and i guess i just have to turn the springs around and bolt it back together is this right. will it still sit the same in the rear, will i have to lenghten the driveshaft. thanks:whoops:
i know they are two differant things. thats the lift i have they sell it as a package deal. why does it move the rear axle forward
The OME springs do not move the axle a couple of inches. The shackles have little effect on the location of the axle at rest. The fixed eye of the spring wrap does. I do not know why people think that ARB would design replacement springs that moves the axle to that degree. You want to move your axle location, then reverse the installation of the spring pack and you will get the axles offset in a way that increases the wheel base or do a shackle reversal on the front and install the hangers incorrectly. From this you can conclude that if someone told you that when they installed their OME springs it moved one or both of their axles a couple of inches; you can reply "you might want to put the springs in correctly you DF".
It says nothing about it on thier site.

"Man-A-Fre offers two different Old Man Emu Suspension kits for your FJ40 to cover varying budgets, and of course offers the full line of Old Man Emu products individually. Installing an Old Man Emu kit on your FJ40 will yield extended wheel travel, enhanced load carrying capability, and a dramatic improvement in ride quality both on and off-road. Typical lift for one of these kits is 2-1/2 inch over stock , but varies with accessories mounted and condition of springs being replaced. Combine one of these kits with our Shackle Reversal kits, and extended DOT stainless Steel brake lines for the ultimate in ride quality and control."


or am I looking at the wrong one?
when i put mine on it looks the same real close to the front maybe this helps it does not look centered
fj40 38.jpg
they are 35s and i put the long end on the shackle like they said. will turning the springs hurt anything
Looking at your rig, your rear shackle angle is straight up and down. It should be angled a bit and the bottom pointing away from the axle. I realize that they are new and not broke in but it will give you a very rough ride the way they are.

You did put the rear spring on the rear and the front spings on the front, right?

Your rear axle does look forward too much, IMO.
If you look at a stock 40/42 you will find that the axles are not centered in the wheel well. They are biased noticabley forward - as the spring compresses from its normal arch towards flat the axle moves back. Yours look pretty much stock.

Shackle reversals are for the FRONT axle only and if you have to flip the springs to keep the military wrap on the fixed end of the spring your FRONT axle will be moved forward.
well thanks i guess it is what it is and i will get used to it thanks. ps is there any reason against turning the rear springs around will it hurt anything just wondering

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