OME LC roof rack parts question

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Aug 13, 2021
The Great PNW
Hi all,
I'm trying to gather all the parts to install an LC rack on my LX. Got most of them from fellow mudders. Left are some small or broken parts that I plan to order from the dealer.

I was looking at this post SOLD - Bay Area: LC200 roof rack side rails (including all hardware) -

I know that I need short bolts for the center foot. I think I need 4 total but this post is showing 8 of them. So do I need 4 or 8 and if 8 where are the other 4 going?

I also expected the feet covers to clip into the feet themselves without the need for any other brackets. In the same post I see 2 brackets that I know are used for LX (or if you want to remove the rack altogether) to cover the unused mounting points for holding the plastic covers. But where are they used on the LC?

Or are the above parts leftover parts from the OP's LX roof rack that he ended up replacing with aftermarket instead of the LC?

It's been a couple years so my memory may be a bit inaccurate, but here's how I did it:
LX rack - remove 8 bolts (a little at a time) from the feet (4 feet are used). remove 8 trim cover bolts and four trim covers. As I recall it, the foot bolts and trim bolts were the same.
TLC rack - place 12 bolts (a little at a time) for the feet (6 feet are used). replace two trim covers using four bolts. The two reused trim covers move to a new foot location.
Make sure to unscrew the bolts a little at a time alternating to avoid twisting the clip out of the rail inside the truck.
Only thing I'm not sure of in recollection is if the bolts were the same between feet and trim
From that post. 4 short bolts for the middle feet and 4 for the extra foot hole covers. Your LX will already have 2 sets of those on it. So your LX already has all the bolts you need.

There are 4 sets of holes on each side. With LC rack you will use 1,3,4 (starting from front) and there will be a bracket/cover for position 2. Your LX has feet at 2,4 and has bracket/covers for positions 1,3.

Also, the shiny feet covers do clip to the rail feet. The other covers referenced are for the unused positions. For each there is a small bracket. In this picture, these brackets are the two metal pieces with the holes on either end on the right, and the covers that clip to those are the two plastic rectangular pieces between the two sets of bolts.

Those pictures have everything you need plus some extra bits to help install. Not mentioned, but needed (they are pictured) are the two unpainted bolts (might be screws) to mount the middle foot to the bracket. He also has M8 threaded studs to aid in not losing the clips that all these bolts thread into. I personally would get them if i were you to guarantee you don't lose any of the clips. Dropping headliner to fish out the underroof brackets sucks, and spending $10 ahead of time is worth it to avoid that.

Other than what's in those pictures, you'll want some flexible liquid gasket. People recommend going crazy with this stuff, but when you remove the LX rack, you will see Toyota only put a ring around each of the bolt holes at the bottom of the brackets where they meet the roof channel, so that is all i did. I'm a year in and have no leaks.

Also, follow all the thoughts on removing bolts slowly and backing them out a little at a time on each bracket. This is probably overly cautious, but see note above about not fishing out brackets. Once you remove one bolt, add the threaded rod, and then remove the other bolt. That way you always have something attached to the underroof bracket.

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Also, i wish i had seen this before i messed with mine.

This thread has a ton of great pictures from both sides of the roof to show you how things fit together.


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