OME heavy/ 1.5" spacer/ Non-L's

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Jan 19, 2006
Hi guys.

I'm new to this forum, its great.

I did search a little but never got a firm answer.

I wanted to know if its ok to run 850/863's and 1.5 inch spacers with the normal ome shocks.

I realize L's would be smart but wanted to know if the above setup would work until i can afford new L shocks.

Yes, but 1.5" maybe a little tall, What is your hub center to flare measurement front and rear?

A picture of GeoRoss's with 1.25" alloy spacers.
well, if you use 1.5" spacers, the combo would be longer than the J springs for which you'd normally want to use the L shocks. If you don't, I imagine you'd be losing out a lot on droop articulation. I don't think it would hurt anything though.

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