OME 861/862 with ARB Winch Bull Bar

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Bat Masterson

Jun 19, 2006
Northern Virginia
Hi all,

I just purchased an ARB Winch Bull Bar and was curious about folks experiences with the OME 861/862 setup. Is the ride very harsh since the front springs are heavies? I have stock tires and think I should go the low lift route now due to budget.

Also looking for a used set of OME 861/862 springs if anyone has a set for sale? Will Paypal you the money today!

Thanks in advance for the comments.

I have the heavy springs on my truck- I had the lift installed about 6 months or more before the bumper/winch arrived. I prefered the ride of the heavy springs over the stock spring so much that I didn't see any down side to them.

But- I came to cruisers from small fast cars, so I like a stiffer ride and less body roll.
I've got the 850/863 2" heavies all around and love them. I do not find the ride harsh, but rather 'tight'. No more wallow in turns - at least as much as can be expected for these tall, heavy trucks! ARB up front and Kaymer w/tire carrier on the rear. If you're changing shocks and coils, and considering a lift at some point - do it now and do it once. I put OME medium no lift on first and then less than a year later, the lift and heavies.
Ride quality is more a function of shock valving than spring rate. Combine the OME 861/862 with the Bilsteins and you will likely be very happy with the result. It is firmer than stock, but far from harsh.
Good stuff guys. Any cheap sources on Bilsteins?
Bilsteins are about the same price everywhere. If you have an autozone near you, order through them so you don't have to pay shipping. If not, I like
Got mine (Bilstein B46-1477 FRONT; B46-1478 REAR) from Ebay for less than $240 shipped home.

Also, you could always go with OEM shocks - new from Dan would be around $100
Im in the same boat as you... I want to order the Heavies in the front, just in case I end up putting a bumper and winch on the front. But if that does not happen I dont want to have to live with a stiff ride. It sounds though like the ride isnt really that stiff (Im not picky). I highly doubt I will get a bumper in the rear or a tire carrier. Will I have 'reverse stinkbug' if I put heavies on the front and mediums in the rear?
I did call Autozone and it appears they have em' for 59.95 each. I also just installed brand new OEM shocks from CDan so I can see if that works.

I also do not plan to put anything in the rear so with the ARB without a winch in the front, new OEM shocks and the 861's in the front I believe the consensus is firm but 'not harsh'.

Now I just need to get a set...anyone game? I'll long as the price with shipping does not exceed what I can get them for new.

What is the OME Medium 'No Lift'? I thought the only 'No Lift' or stock height lift you could get was the OME 861/862 combo which is heavy in the front and medium in the rear.

Please clarify.

Mine is firm and not harsh at all w/ OME shocks. Huge improvement over the original setup which was very mushy.
Heavy springs are no stiffer than the mediums, the same with J springs. They are just 1" taller than the preceding spring so they give the same lift with more load.
Heavy springs are no stiffer than the mediums, the same with J springs. They are just 1" taller than the preceding spring so they give the same lift with more load.

True, the spring rates for the fronts (850, 850J, 851 and 861) are all rated at 220 lbf/in.

Not so for rear springs however. Check the chart below for the different spring rates of the 860, 862, 863, 863J and 864s. ht...# of...coil....spr rate

General rules:
unladen 864=5" lift or 2" w/400 kg load (20mm wire)
....... 863=4" lift or 2" w/250 kg load (19mm wire)
....... 860=2" lift or 1.75" w/a gas tank (18mm wire)
....... 850=2" lift w/some weight(dual batteries etc)
....... 851=2" lift w/bar & winch, dual batteries, etc
....... Stock springs 16mm wire.


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