OME 3" lift questions

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Oct 31, 2006
Haymarket, VA
So I have completed the whole front installation and have completly removed the rear springs and most all that goes with. My question is do I remove all the rubber and the bracket surrounding the old springs (from the threads I have searched it looks like I do)? I also have spacers that came with the kit and they need to go in somewhere and they seem to fit the top of the center pin perfectly do these spacers go on the top of the spring or am I way off?
Yes and yes.

Remove anything you have a replacement for.

On the spacers, it sounds like you have the aluminum caster wedge? I don't like them. Aluminum between steel is a bad idea. OME shackes don't have enough "lift" to wreck the driveline angles in the rear in my opinion.
Thanks for the help, I am on it.
You only remove what you have new versions of. You will need the rubber and the brackets either new or the used ones that are there now.
What threw me off is I was looking at some other cruisers on mud and found that not all have the brackets that I have surrounding the rear springs, so I wasn't sure if they were removing these brackets or if their cruiser didn't come with them from the factory (and it is not a difference between the 60's and the 62's, I have seen both with the brackets). I am not really sure why Toyota only put these on the rear springs (and for what seems to be certain years) but I am sure it was a good reason so I have kept them. Thanks for the help guys!

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