oldest TLCA event

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So tell me, what exactly is the oldest TLCA event out there????

I keep thinkin that the Gambol is the oldest running event. But I am not positive.

Anyone have any input on this?
First GGG was 30 years ago ;)
GGG is the oldest TLCA event. However, there was one year in there that it was skipped. Somewhere around 2001 it was skipped. And I'm not sure how long it has been a TLCA deal. I think Mud in Yer Eye is fairly old too. Rubithon I think is second at 16 or 17. I think then it is GSMTR and then CM. I could wrong about GSMTR and CM. This is a good question. Maybe Tony is doing research on it?
Yep, it was skipped one year in the early 80's. So we are on our 29th anniversary and TLCA is on it's 30'th..

MTA has been around since 1975. Mud-N-Yer-Eye Frolic is having it's 30th this year. http://www.mta4x4.com/Registration06.pdf

I just talked to Dave Gross and he remembers Frolic being grandfathered in under new rules created around 1994. He is our oldest member since 1984. (and they used to call him baby dave LOL) Mta was involved in about 5 of the original TLCA Thanksgiving Runs.

I just celebrated my 13th annual Rubicon Thanksgiving run with MTA this year.

MNE has been around as long as the Gambol.

Cool. I wonder which was a samctioned event first ;)
Mace said:
Yep, it was skipped one year in the early 80's. So we are on our 29th anniversary and TLCA is on it's 30'th..


Then there are two years skipped. Because when I was EVP in the early 00s it got skipped one year too.

And there was at least one year where Mud In Yer Eye wasn't a TLCA event but still happened.

It is sort of cool to think that some of these events are older than some of our members. I don't think it really matters which is the oldest. They have all secured places in TLCAs history.
I am pretty sure that the Gambol has not been skipped since 2000...

And has only missed one year.

But I will look into it.
Hey, you're screwing up my article!!!

You will all be surprised and while Gambol and Frolic have been around for long time, they are not TLCA oldest.... unless you grandfather them or something like that.

The story about the T-day run (which I have just completed) was and is probably the most interesting story I have uncovered in my history article effort. Just amazes me.

Mace... contact me off line if you need details, then form your own opinion about what constitutes the oldest event.

in an effort to keep Trails content off the internet, lets postpone this discussion till May/June issue is out and then you all can beat me up for sharing my analysis on the oldest TLCA event.

Fawker, I want to know NOW!!!!!!!!


again, I am not trying to start anything but to simply satisfy my interestes :)

Tony, do you happen to know when the Gambol became a sanctioned event???
Yes, I know exactly when it became a sanctioned event. I know exactly when Frolic became a sanctioned event and I know exactly when Sanctioned events came to be, and the first officially sanctioned event, which will also surprise you.

at least I hope folks find it surprising... and not boring.

I've been a MTA member since 84 and attended Mud N Yer Eye since 1980 and I can't recall TLCA not ever being part of Mud N Yer Eye.

Thanksgiving runs, I attended a run in Lone Pine, CA in I beleive 85. Do any of yor reacall a Thanksgiving run in Hollister in 84? Rained for 5 days straight.

So by now you may have figured that I've been around for a while. My TLCA
# 1140, a member of the MTA, CAL and of course TLCA since 84.
wngrog said:
Mace is a s*** starter.

Like I knew that Tony was writing an article on exactly this topic :flipoff2:

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