older rear door hinges -- 2 or 4?

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Jan 19, 2003
I am trying to scare up some rear door hinges for my '68. The part numbers seem to indicate that there are 4 unique hinges, but it looks like the upper left and the lower right might be the same. Can anyone here straighten me out?
rear LC doors.jpg
yes, diagonally opposite corners are the same.
If they are not the same they should work anyway. Only the true purist would know the difference.
nuclearlemon is correct.

I had an NOS pair I was tired of looking at and threw on Ebay a couple of years ago. I think they went for $40 for THE PAIR!:frown:

Oh well. Sigh.
i just sold a set of 4 on there for 33.00 used with the latches may have got more but i did buy itnow so some one could get a break .

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