old wclc pics

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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
spent the last four hours on the phone with jason moore, one of the first five members of the original wclc...we spent that time sending photos back and forth. he sent me some good ones....

first pic is jason's old cruiser, then my dearly departed nuclearlemon (pre yellow days) busting through the ice, finally, lane winter crossing his up.
hard to tell, but in the first pic, that's guy's homebuilt stainless steel cruiser. then, steve hanson (he's the one who was in the accident recently), and jason thinks the last one is jim ripplinger...woody might know if it was him for sure.
last pics...
current rising sun commander and fellow transplant from ill to colorado, matt farr
lane doing a wheelstand
daryl wormsley
Ige, where are these wheelin' pics from exactly? Looks like there might be more fun wheelin' opportunities nearby the Windy City than I previously thought.
first three pics are oglesby...no legal wheeling there, all closed down
fourth fifth and eith shots are gsmtr
others i think are nicolet...i'd already moved to colo when they went there.
That stuff is all pretty similar to what you'd find at the Cliffs.

The Badlands is considerably less muddy unless you go down into the swamp area where the ATVs play.

I can't speak about Rockford yet, but I hear it's like the Cliffs, muddy and tight.
cool pics! what year were they taken? And how long ago was it when wclc was the biggests tlca chapter?
Scott_sFZJ80 said:
cool pics! what year were they taken? And how long ago was it when wclc was the biggests tlca chapter?
the pics were taken around 92-93...93-94 was when it was the largest...went from three members to 61 in eight months.
cool !!!, what caused the sudden surge? I wish I could find the same spark. Lots of great people, so little time.
not too sure. lane winter and i were leaving calling cards on every cruiser we saw, but we were chicago land only...we had some kid call from indiana said he found out about us from his local garage:confused:

there hadn't been a club, there was no mud, no mass internet...no one knew anyone, so i suppose it was exciting to find others who shared the disease
Matt do you still have the video from the Nicolet trip??
BigBluye said:
Matt do you still have the video from the Nicolet trip??

great to see you not lurking.
If you can't find it tell me and I'll bring it with me to Pig fest in august.
Hulk said:
More pictures of that 1996 Nicolet trip here:

One of the first web pages that I ever created, back in 1996!

If we organized a 10th year anniversary get together of WCLC, we could induce the graybeards to come out of the woodwork, bring their rigs, memories and video and create momentum for a rebirth of WCLC...

...or not.

(10th anniversary of what? I dunno, of 1996.)

you've already passed the 10th anniversary.

lane, steve and i started wclc sometime in mid 92, i moved shortly there after and i've been in colo since mar93

i'd be up for it, but i can't do it this year...next year maybe.

You wild thang...how the hell are ya? Long time no see! Am I glad to be home after a three week/5700 mile tour of the Southwest.

Cool pics! It was sorta funny to meet these folks in Moab last week! See you in August.

doing good....thanks for the air...it helped out a lot with kevin's diff ;)

glad you made it home ok...was great meeting you.

now, to get the rest of the chitown folks to moab;)

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